May 20 , 2019


Music Brings Fountain Park To Life This Friday By Tafi Stober

Fountain Park will spring to life this Friday night as the Van Wert Area Community Band will fill the downtown with musical delight. Not only is Van Wert a destination for entertainment, but it is also home to nurturing musical talent. The Van Wert Area Community Concert Band began as the Masonic band and has adapted through the years to what it is today. A discussion with VWACCB Director and musical legend, Richard Sherrick, sheds a bit of light on this group of musicians who are committed to honing their talent and serving others through the gift of music.

"At one time nearly every town had a band. That musical heritage existed since Civil War times as an outlet for musicians and a pride for communities. Interest since those days has existed as we develop hundreds of musicians in public schools. Community bands provide an outlet for those high school and college musicians who still desire to make music with others," Sherrick noted.

The Van Wert Area Community Concert Band is represented by residents of Van Wert County as well as members from outside the county who are finding their musical opportunity in Van Wert. To date, the oldest known member of the band was 92. "What makes this group special is their desire to play. They join wanting to make music from the heart. We do not spend as much time on shaping phrases as their musical expression has already been cultivated. They come ready to play," Sherrick adds.

"We have very talented musicians who are dedicated to the art of live performance. Every live performance is distinctly different. In a day of digital music that is enhanced to take out the artistry of imperfection, experiencing music LIVE provides so much more. The power of visual together with audio adds a personal expression and connection with the musician. It makes music personal," states Sherrick.

Fountain Park will be filled with musical expression this Friday night and all are invited to make themselves at home on a lawn chair or blanket in the spacious park lawn. Music has a way of making people feel at home. Like the background songs of a movie, live music links moments together into seamless memories that become the tapestry of our lives. The songs yet to be heard this Friday have the future power of transporting each listener, at some point, back to Fountain Park in Van Wert, where musical moments and memories are ALIVE!

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