May 14 , 2019


A Musical Mission In Free Verse
Tafi Stober
We are embarking on a journey with a mission on our mind. 
Piloting a vision to entertain, inspire and educate with a dedicated Board guiding the ride.
We, the Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation staff are grateful for the infrastructure so wisely placed,
By the Van Wert County Foundation and Paul Hoverman's good grace.
Preparing for the journey, we review the tools we need.
Thankful for the venues of plenty in this great city.
The Niswonger Performing Arts Center is indeed a crown jewel.
And it's Fountain Park where in the summer musical concerts rule.
Artists have come and left their mark.
But what new artists are yet to win hearts?
Programming the vision is a tool to connect with our audience.
Until all 28,871 residents are satisfied, endeavoring to provide the right fit will be on our conscience.
Because the arts add vitality to life,
one can escape the every day strife.
We understand the value this gives to our communities,
The evidence of which is plain to see.
Music is the talk of the town and the tale behind many a story,
Whether in a coffee shop or planting the back forty.
But not everyone is accessing the life giving power of a stage.
So, our journey continues as we turn another page.
We introduce a new season of shows at the June 5 Unveiling.
This year as Executive Director, I will be hailing.
But it is not our desires but the residents of Van Wert County for which we strive.
May our journey to inspire, educate and entertain be embraced by you as we bring the musical arts alive!


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