Mar 30 , 2015

Rave review boasts about Broadway at the Niswonger

I would like to extend gratitude to the entire staff at Niswonger for a terrific weekend.  My wife and I attended our 2nd show at Niswonger this past week watching “Memphis”.  We were in NYC when “Memphis”  debuted and if it weren’t for a busy schedule we would have watched it there.  The dinner buffet was absolutely amazing and I even told our waitress that it’s underpriced.  Sure they make it back up on drinks and extras but the quality of food offered was second to none.  We attend many shows throughout the year around the country and the accommodations that are offered at your facility are top notch.  We look forward to seeing what the upcoming season will bring when the schedule is released and wouldn’t doubt that we become season subscribers.  Please pass our thanks along to the entire staff that allows such a great experience at a terrific price. - Tony Smith, Patron


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