Apr 14 , 2020

Entertainment Is Alive In Van Wert: THE NEXT RIGHT THING

The Next Right Thing

By Tafi Stober

The race gets weary as we buckle down and pace for the journey ahead. Then comes turn four. The finish line is ahead and extraordinary energy takes control that ignores the typical signals of fear and pain. This energy is focused on accomplishment. To stay the course and cross the line, to finish strong. We are in that final turn of this pandemic except the race looks different. It's been a course of isolation and confinement that is testing patience, optimism and bank accounts. In this more sedentary state, turning the corner means preparing for a finish that has never been experienced. We cross a finish line into a changing culture and an altered day. We wonder if we can collapse into the arms of our friends or if we need to keep a safe distance. Should we give a high-five or thrust an elbow in reply? We are full speed ahead into, what?

Worry. It steals energy, stifles dreams, damages relationships and hinders success. It is a selfish affliction as it hinders a positive response and leaves negativity in its wake. The healthy way to replace worry is preparation. Is it possible to plan for the unknown? It is with a disciplined mindset. 

Taking in more movies than was ever imaginable before the days of isolation, I joined the family in a movie night with Frozen 2. In it, Anna, the younger Sister of the ever-popular Elsa, made an enlightened statement, "When one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing." Simple, right? Do the next right thing. Problems attack us one at a time and we deliver solutions one at a time. And in some special moments, those solutions can deliver a double-punch approach often considered "killing two birds with one stone." But I like birds so let's keep it simple. Don't fret. Prepare without regret.

Prepare for purpose. The needs will be great. Society will be hurting and the turn-four preparation may be simply to smile more. Or it may be to lighten another's financial burden. Or it may be to provide encouragement through delivering entertainment. The silver lining of sorrow is a return to intention. Narrow down the vision to what is affordable and then dare to dream towards the future. But be sure to take joy in the painful realization of the present as the testing produces gratitude. Turn-four produces a demand for absolute focus. The finish line is ahead and there is no time to look to the left or the right. The quest demands the most efficient use of resources. Then joy abandon! At the finish line will be those to celebrate whom we have longed to see face to face. And we will celebrate with music, singing and maybe even the clanging of cymbals. 

The next right thing for the Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation programmed by Van Wert Live events and powered by the Van Wert County Foundation is to unveil the Feel Good Friday Concerts in Fountain Park. The finish line of this time for the Van Wert LIVE team is to offer our revered community ten free concerts in downtown Van Wert that will make summertime sublime! Hold onto hope that our biggest concern will not be what next to clean as we stay quarantined but rather how to hide the face-mask tan-line that on a positive note may also double as a deter to fine lines. Get ready! The future of freedom is near and it is filled with entertainment!

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