Jun 15 , 2020

Credit Me Please

Responsibility is the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions. How we "respond" to circumstances is the measure of our "responsibility." The Van Wert LIVE Box Office, under the direction of Quincy Thompson, is using what we have learned during this time of show cancelations and rescheduling to provide solutions for our patrons.

"We have never needed policies in place for this magnitude of rescheduled and canceled events. This opportunity has given us great insight into how we need to adapt and grow for our patrons," Quincy Thompson shares.
Through the monumental rescheduling and cancelation communication process that took place for shows originally scheduled for Spring of 2020, it became evident that patrons were interested in turning their ticket purchase into credit for future shows. This is especially important when rescheduled show dates conflict with a patron's already scheduled life-calendar. 
"The process of now being able to exchange your tickets for an account credit is new and exciting," adds Thompson. "Our patrons will have up to one full week prior to a show to exchange the ticket amount for a credit that is good for any future show."
The credit will remain in the patron account for one year from the date of credit. Redeeming the credit for tickets can be done by contacting the Box Office who will manage the transaction.
Quincy concludes, "We want to provide excellent customer service and the benefits of being a patron of Van Wert LIVE events continue to grow!" 
We will be announcing additional information regarding future concert dates in the weeks to come. These are challenging times as clear guidance on the future of mass gatherings in the state of Ohio is elusive. What we do know is that we are planning a season of shows that can be adaptive to scaling at decreased capacity at an affordable ticket price. This program planning includes situational analysis of the number of tickets that can be sold with social distancing for safety, the percentage of patrons that are comfortable returning, and the willingness of the artist to perform at a fee that fits this new model. We know it's possible and we will never tire endeavoring to find a solution to keep our people safely entertained.

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